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  • City effectively neutralised everything that Man Utd could muster for most of the game. United fans around me weren't excusing their players, they were saying that Norwich were stopping them from playing, and more effectively than most other sides had done for years. The whole Norwich defence was outstanding; the midfield defending with tenacity and attacking with purpose; the wingers and forwards constantly causing problems. All that was missing was the composure to make that final killer pass or unstoppable shot in the opposition penalty area after all that good work. That will come (back) and from our performances against Chelsea and Man Utd we now know that we are close to holding our own against the top sides in the league. Our fans certainly held their own as well: Outnumbered at Old Trafford 10:1 - Out-sung? Never. Norwich are well and truly back in the Premier League!

    Robin Hood

    Sunday, October 02, 2011

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