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PUBLISHED: 11:22 07 November 2012 | UPDATED: 12:06 07 November 2012

Stoke's Andy Wilkinson is adjudged to have fouled Robert Snodgrass and gets a yellow card from referee Andre Marriner.

Stoke's Andy Wilkinson is adjudged to have fouled Robert Snodgrass and gets a yellow card from referee Andre Marriner.

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It potentially diminishes the reputation of football and is cheating. Now there are renewed calls for retrospective action on diving after Stoke’s 1-0 defeat at Norwich City on Saturday.

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Jonny Otbc Reeve: I think it’s all tactical play and there is a difference from diving and going down when feeling contact. People forget that these days but some footballers need to remember it’s a contact sport

Samuel Walden: Players should be banned for diving. At the game I thought Snodgrass was fouled, but after watching the highlights it’s a dirty dive. And should get a ban tbf. Never go down unless it’s proper contact.

Paddy Holden: Septic Blatter wants to outlaw tackling,so players now are faking contact.Whether fans like it or not the REF is there for conning.There does not seem to be a team that has not got at least one diver, some have more than a fair share. Playing in Europe and all the foreign players that play over here it is bound to rub off. If you cannot beat them join them!

Ben Walden: If you cannot beat them, try harder to beat them. Fans need to make more noise about this - I am yet to meet one who thinks diving has improved the game. The commentators are selling us the lie that if there’s contact, it’s a foul. Diving is ruining the game, and I am not a proud Norwich fan this week. It is only the fact that a Walters dive last year for Stoke left us with ten men that has enabled me to feel okay about the win

Gary Southwell: If it is a foul , then fine - free kick penalty whatever - if players go down at the slightest contact or with no contact, then that is cheating and the player deserves a yellow card for it - if over a month, players were sent off or retrospectively banned then the situation would be solved - Liverpool would not want to lose Suarez or Gerrard by diving, Chelsea lose Torres etc

Ben Trafford: Personally if I was the referee on Saturday I wouldn’t have given Snoddy the freekick, but then I wouldn’t have given Stoke a penalty last season so I guess it’s evened itself out. It’s a funny ol’ game.

Marc Jermey: Retrospective bans is the only way to effectively combat the problem. The FA refuse to consider it as they view it as undermining referees. It would only help though as it would probably reduce the cheating considerably if bans were enforced.

Gary Southwell: Had Walters been banned for 1 or 2 games after the match last season because of the dive and if divers since had been banned - Would Snodgrass have dived for the free kick on Saturday knowing that he could easily get a ban and lose the place he has just won back in the team?

Tom Sturgeon: Nice one, Snoddy...nearly had me convinced...

The Canaries beat Stoke 1-0 after a free kick was awarded to Robert Snodgrass after he collapsed to the ground from a tackle by Andy Wilkinson. The free kick ultimately led to the header by Bradley Johnson at the end of the first half to secure the win.

To make matters worse for Stoke manager Tony Pulis the referee had booked Charlie Adam in the first half for diving when in fact footage reveals Norwich City left-back Javier Garrido pushes him in the back.

Diving has been a contentious issue in football for some time, but these series of refereeing decisions made by Andre Marriner has reignited the debate.

Norwich City manager Chris Hughton has defended Snodgrass against any unsportmanlike conduct – while Bradley Johnson has also defended his team mate’s part in scoring the winning goal by saying “he’s not a driver.”

Meanwhile, Pulis specifically wants former players to sit on panels and retrospectively judge whether a player has dived or not, rather than relying on referees’ opinion.

Earlier this week Daniel Vipond went out on the streets of Norwich to hear your opinions on players who deliberately dive. Is too much of it happening in the game and how damaging is it when it is tantamount to cheating?

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