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Ian Clarke

What word sums up how you are feeling as a Norwich City fan right now? It was a question I posed on social media after the Oliveira-inspired Derby win.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – and beginning to look like change simply has to happen at the top at Carrow Road.

It’s been a pretty gloomy time for Norwich fans in recent weeks – and this column has mirrored the malaise.

It may seem strange to take inspiration from the Norwich City Christmas video of 1989 as we prepare for the almost inevitable new chapter in the club’s history.

I don’t like moaning about the team I have supported for 40 years.

If I still banged out my column on an old typewriter, I’d hate to see all the crossings out I would have made this week.

Two weeks is certainly a long time in football.

Games six and seven of a long and winding 46-match Championship season against Cardiff and Wigan.

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