Iwan Roberts: There is no way I’d want to share a dressing room with Ched Evans

PUBLISHED: 11:55 24 October 2014 | UPDATED: 11:55 24 October 2014

Former Norwich City loanee, Ched Evans.

Former Norwich City loanee, Ched Evans.

At the end of last week Ched Evans was released from jail after serving two-and-a-half years of a five year sentence for raping a 19-year-old old woman in a hotel room in Rhyl, north Wales.

First of all in my opinion serving just two and a half years in jail is nowhere near long enough for a person found guilty of this crime but that’s a debate for another time. The argument now is should Evans be allowed to play professional football ever again? I’ve always believed that everybody deserves another chance as we all make mistakes. However, we all need to learn from those mistakes which, by the looks of it, Ched hasn’t. After having a fair trial he was unanimously found guilty by the jury. Judges then refused to give leave to an appeal in 2012 and threw out his application to have his sentence cut. Yet he still maintains his innocence and has submitted an appeal to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC).

The only remorse he’s shown is to his girlfriend, who has stood by him through all of this, and to his and her family for the hurt he’s caused them.

He’s never shown an ounce of remorse to his victim who’s had to move away from the area she grew up in and had to change her identity. He’s never apologised to her or her family for the hurt he’s caused them and so until he does I don’t think he should be allowed to play again.

Some people might think I’m being a bit harsh on him but, as a father to twin daughters, I wouldn’t want to share a changing room with a convicted rapist, which he is until we hear the results from the CCRC.


The Canaries dropped to fifth position after their latest set-back at Carrow Road against Leeds in midweek.

Add to this another disappointing afternoon in west London where they endured yet another defeat at the hands of Fulham. This means they have now won only once in their last six games, seven if you count the defeat against Shrewsbury Town in the Capital One Cup.

It’s been a very poor few weeks for Norwich City and they really need to get themselves out of this slump that they find themselves in. I don’t buy the excuse when I hear people say “oh we deserved to win but we were unlucky”. I’ve heard that far too many times over the last month or so.

The team has simply not scored enough goals – two in their last four games. They have also conceded sloppy avoidable goals which have cost them dearly. I said a few weeks ago that it’s a risky game if you think you can go into every game and expect to out score the opposition. Forwards will have off days – I should know as I had my fair share and if nobody else is going to step up to the plate and put the ball in the back of the net then you have to be solid defensively.

Last season I said that clean sheets were vital if the club was going to stay in the Premier League. I will repeat myself now and say that, to win promotion this season, keeping clean sheets is going to be essential, especially when you’re struggling in front of goal. Norwich’s record of three clean sheets in 13 games has to be improved.

It’s hard for me to give my opinion on the team’s performance as I don’t go to all the games but I do speak to a lot of Norwich fans about how it’s going. The majority I’ve spoken to are of the opinion that Neil has no plan B. He just perseveres with the same system making the odd change to personnel. As a manager if it’s not working then you have to change things to try and cause the other team problems. You can’t keep banging your head against a brick wall hoping things change.


The game against Leeds will probably be remembered for all the wrong reasons with alleged racist remarks aimed at Cameron Jerome by Leeds defender Giuseppe Bellusci.

Only the two involved know exactly what was said but having seen the reaction of Cameron, who’s always come across as a quiet, laid-back lad, he was certainly incensed by remarks made by the Italian. The FA will now investigate what happened with full cooperation by both clubs and if Bellusci is found guilty I hope they throw the book at him.

It is still a problem in the game but hardly a surprise when the governing bodies only fine clubs and nations whose fans are found guilty of chanting racist abuse.

Until Fifa dish out proper punishments for this crime it’s not going to go away.


Tomorrow it is up to Hillsborough to face Sheffield Wednesday who are on a poor run themselves, having not won a game in their last five and having failed to score in their last two games.

The Owls, managed by Stuart Gray, were beaten 3-0 at home last Saturday by Watford so will be looking to make amends in front of their own fans for that poor performance so it’s going to be anything but easy up in South Yorkshire.

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