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Michael Bailey

So the thing is, with this week’s column I really wanted to get to the heart of such a crucial issue. That’s what I hope, so that when it comes to the crunch and we all think about what things could look like, with our partisan specs and love for the game, which is a really good game of course…

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Acrimony, controversy, late buses and lack of respect – Michael Bailey grinds out six lessons from a not so quiet Norwich City win at Sheffield United…

It wasn’t the best example of the beautiful game on Tuesday night – but it will take more than that for football to shed its hard-earned monicker.

Norwich City clearly used the break well – Michael Bailey tees up his six things from the Canaries’ Birmingham victory.

The fact there was no Big Ben chiming at 11pm probably summed it up.

After an afternoon that only raised questions about where Norwich City are headed, MICHAEL BAILEY tries to pin down six things learned after a desperate day at The Den.

The biggest development this season has been my use of the hashtag #WIP – after all, in Twitter world Work In Progress just takes up too many characters given the countless times it seems to be required.

Norwich City are hit hard at by Aston Villa at Villa Park – and not for the first time. Michael Bailey brings his six learnings to the fallout table.

There’s now no hiding behind the size of the work in progress – Michael Bailey brings his six things learned from Norwich City’s sobering Sunderland Sunday.

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