Former Norwich City midfielder found guilty of attempted match-fixing

PUBLISHED: 16:42 13 November 2019 | UPDATED: 16:43 13 November 2019

Former Norwich City midfielder Dickson Etuhu has been found guilty of attempted match-fixing Copyright Focus Images

Former Norwich City midfielder Dickson Etuhu has been found guilty of attempted match-fixing Copyright Focus Images

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A former Norwich City midfielder has been found guilty of attempted match-fixing while playing in Sweden.

Dickson Etuhu, who represented the Canaries between 2005 and 2007, was accused of attempted to influence AIK goalkeeper Kyriakos Stamatopolous into fixing a Swedish top flight game in 2017.

He was cleared of the charge last year, however a court of appeal in Stockholm has now over-ruled his acquittal, finding him and another, unnamed player guilty of attempted match-fixing.

However the former Nigerian international, who made 70 appearances in yellow and green, scoring seven times, escaped a jail sentence at the hearing.

Instead, he was issued with a fine and sentenced to service probation, with further details of his sentence yet to be made public.

The allegation related to a reported incident where Etuhu and another player - who has not been named - conspired to offer former team-mate Stamatopoulous - nicknamed Kenny Stam - money to throw a game between Swedish sides AIK and IFK Gothenburg in spring 2017.

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In its judgement, which was published on Wednesday, the Court of Appeal in Stolkholm said: "What preceded the meeting and what was said at the meeting must be seen in a context. In the opinion of the court, Kenny Stam has clearly been offered an improper benefit."

Etuhu was originally acquitted by the Stockholm district court, however, Johan Lindmark, the prosecutor in the case, appealed the decision.

He told Swedish newspaper Expressed: "It was with satisfaction that I received the verdict today.

"I had appealed on the grounds that I thought the court of law would change and was not surprised when I saw the verdict."

Etuhu signed for City from Preston North End in 2005, initially on loan before making the move permanent in 2006.

He became a regular first-teamer during his spell at Carrow Road before joining Sunderland in the summer for 2007, in a deal worth a reported £1.5m.

He also went on to play for Fulham and Blackburn Rovers, having started his career with Manchester City. He also won 33 caps for his country, earning his first call-up shortly after leaving the Canaries.

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