Five new teams to join Anglian Combination for 2020-21 season

PUBLISHED: 15:38 10 June 2020 | UPDATED: 15:38 10 June 2020

Waveney were top of the Anglian Combination Premier Division when the season was cancelled Picture: Bryan Grint

Waveney were top of the Anglian Combination Premier Division when the season was cancelled Picture: Bryan Grint


The annual general meeting of the Anglian Combination Football League was held via an online video call, with changes for the 2020-21 season confirmed but a potential start date still unclear.

All results from step three of non-league down were expunged as null and void when the season was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic and clubs at lower levels are waiting for government guidance on when it will be safe for the new season to begin.

It was confirmed that the league’s sponsorship deal with Hadley & Ottaway has ended but that Macron Sports will continue as match ball sponsor and equipment supplier.

A revised constitution was approved, with Briston, Carlton Colville Town, Celt Rangers, Cromer Youth OB and Shrublands the five new teams joining the league. Dussindale Rovers and Hellesdon have also merged into one club and St Andrews have been renamed Thorpe St Andrew.

The league’s officers and management Committee were re-elected, with Tracey Clayton becoming welfare officer and Paul Eggett replacing John Marston, who passed away recently.

While there were no team awards, Adam Calvert of Brandon Town was named Club Secretary of the Year and Ryan Starkey as Referee of the Year, with Respect awards received by Mutford & Wrentham, Castle Acre Swifts, Hindringham Reserves, Buxton and Freethorpe.

It is hoped that the outstanding knockout cup competitions will be completed early in the new season though.

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