Anglian Combination results and fixtures

PUBLISHED: 12:59 23 August 2008 | UPDATED: 15:42 10 September 2010

Results from the week and fixtures for August 26 and 27.



t Premier Division: Cromer Town 2 Acle United 0, Hempnall 1 Blofield United 0, Hindringham 3 Holt United 1, Sheringham 2 North Walsham Town 3, Sprowston Athletic 0 AFC Norwich 0, Watton United 1 Dersingham Rovers 2, Wroxham Res 1 Brandon Town 0.

t Division One: Attleborough 7, Wymondham 0; Caister 0, Kirkley & Pakefield Res 5; Long Stratton 2, Bungay 1; Mattishall 2, Gayton 2; Sole Bay 0, Corton 5; Stalham 0, St Andrews 4; Wells 0, Horsford 3.

t Division Two: Beccles Caxton 3, Oulton Broad & Notleys 1; Hellesdon 3, Anglian Windows 0; CEYMS 0, Norwich St Johns 2; Reepham Town 2, Fakenham Res 3; West Lynn SSC 2, Downham Res 1; Wortwell 0, Poringland Wdrs 3.

t Division Three: Aylsham 5, Cromer Res 0; Bradenham Wdrs 2, Thetford Rvrs 0; Swaffham Res 2, Mundford 2.

t Division Four: Easton 3, South Walsham 0.

t Division Six: Scole Res 0, Thorpe Village Res 2.


t Division Two: Acle United Res 0 Gt Yarmouth Town Res 3.

t Division Three: Caister Res 1 Martham 7, Sprowston Athletic Res 6 Loddon 2, Thorpe Village 5 Hempnall Res 1.

t Division Four: Brandon Town Res 3 Mattishall Res 2, Foulsham 2 Wells Town Res 2, Freethorpe 2 Blofield United Res 0, Harleston Town 3 AFC Norwich Res 2, Marlingford 3 Hindringham Res 1, St Andrews Res 0 North Walsham Tn Res 1, Wymondham Town Res 0 Newton Flotman 0.

t Division Five: Bungay Town Res 0 Long Stratton Res 0, Hoveton Wherrymen 8 CNSOBU 1, Mundford Res 2 Attleborough Town Res 1, Necton 2 Watton United Res 1, Stalham Town Res 5 Norwich CEYMS Res 3.

t Division Six: Buxton 3 Hellesdon Res 0, Gayton United Res 3 Reepham Town Res 2, Horsford United Res 3 Easton Res 0, Redgrave Rangers 9 Wortwell Res 1, Waveney 1 Hemsby 3.


t Premier Division: Loddon United 2 Beccles Town 1.

t Division Six: Corton Res 6 Martham Res 1, Dersingham Rov Res 4 Holt United Res 2.


Tuesday (August 26, ko 6.30pm unless otherwise stated)

t Premier Division: Acle United v North Walsham Town, Beccles Town v Hempnall, Blofield United v Loddon United, Brandon Town v Watton United, Cromer Town v Hindringham (7.30), Sheringham v AFC Norwich, Sprowston Athletic v Wroxham Res.

t Division One: Bungay Town v Sole Bay (7.30), Corton v Caister, Gayton United v Wells Town, Horsford United v Stalham Town, Mattishall v Attleborough Town, Scole United v Long Stratton, Wymondham Town v St Andrews.

t Division Two: Anglian Windows v Sprowston Wanderers, Beccles Caxton v Poringland Wands, Norwich United Res v Acle United Res, Oulton Broad & Notleys v Gt Yarmouth Town Res, Reepham Town v Norwich St Johns, West Lynn SSC v Fakenham Town Res.

t Division Three: East Harling v Swaffham Town Res, Mundford v Bradenham Wand, Thetford Rovers v Thorpe Rovers.

t Division Six: Easton Res v Holt United Res, Martham Res v Hemsby, Wortwell Res v Thorpe Village Res.

Wednesday (August 27)

t Premier Division: Dersingham Rovers v Holt United,

t Division Two: Wortwell v Norwich CEYMS.

t Division Three: Caister Res v Beccles Town Res, Cromer Town Res v Martham (7.30), Hempnall Res v Sprowston Athletic Res, Loddon United Res v Thorpe Village.

t Division Four: Blofield United Res v North Walsham Tn Res, Brandon Town Res v Wymondham Town Res, Easton v Marlingford, Harleston Town v Freethorpe, Hindringham Res v Wells Town Res, Mattishall Res v Foulsham, Newton Flotman v AFC Norwich Res, South Walsham v St Andrews Res.

t Division Five: Attleborough Town Res v Watton United Res, Aylsham Res v Stalham Town Res, Hoveton Wherrymen v Sheringham Res, Long Stratton Res v CNSOBU, Necton v Mundford Res, Norwich CEYMS Res v Bungay Town Res.

t Division Six: Buxton v Horsford United Res, Gayton United Res v Dersingham Rov Res, Hellesdon Res v Reepham Town Res, Scole United Res v Redgrave Rangers, Waveney v Corton Res.

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