Breckland and District Sunday League

PUBLISHED: 11:18 01 September 2008 | UPDATED: 15:44 10 September 2010

Results and fixtures

Breckland and District Sunday League


t Championship: Abbey United 2, Danepak 3; Necton Windmill 4, Ashill Harts 1; Railway Tavern 2 Labas 0; Red Lion 2, Breckland Spirit 2; Shadwell Stud 5, Thetford SSC 0; Watton International 0, Feltwell SC 7.


September 7

t NCFA Sunday Intermediate Cup Round One: Danepak v PL Rangers; Farmhouse v Watton International; Feltwell SC v Costessy Sports; Railway Tavern v Dynamo Denmark; West Lynn SSC v Red Lion.

t SCFA Sunday Shield Round One: Lakenheath Casuals v Horringer SC.

t John Finch Invitation Trophy First Leg: Ashill Harts v Breckland Spirit.

t Championship: Labas v Shadwell Stud; Necton Windmill v Abbey United.

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