Brentwood Town 5 Norwich United 2: Planters rooted to bottom of table

PUBLISHED: 15:26 27 August 2017

Ben Jones, left, was on target for Norwich United. Picture: Denise Bradley

Ben Jones, left, was on target for Norwich United. Picture: Denise Bradley


Norwich United’s poor start to the season continued with a 5-2 reversal at Brentwood Town which leaves them rooted to the bottom of the table.

Steve Eastaugh included on-loan Henry Pollock and new signing Matt Brown in his starting line-up.

The Planters went behind after 19 minutes when Matt Price scored from the spot. Harrison Georgiou extended the lead seven minutes later and Andrew Freeman gave the hosts a three-goal lead eight minutes before the break.

Lawrence Cheese scored his first goal for the club to reduce the arrears three minutes before half-time to give the Planters some hope and when Ben Jones scored a second 13 minutes ino the second half hopes of rescuing something were heightened.

But Matt Price calmed home nerves with a second penalty with just four minutes remaining and he completed his hat trick with an injury-time goal.

Brentwood Town: Page, Pugsley (Martin 53), Foster, Jones, O’Rawe, Cavalier, Stanley (Hilton 76), Rees, Price, Georgiou (Gardner 76), Freeman. Subs not used: Hilder, Bademosi.

Norwich United: Wilton, Pollock, Brown (Watts 62), Crosby, Wones, Eastaugh, Jones, Speller, Hipperson, Cheese (Will 63), Flute (Mackie 70).

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