Crack under pressure? Not a chance, insists City chief Farke

Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke wants no let up against Middlesbrough 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke wants no let up against Middlesbrough Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke hates to disappoint Norwich City’s promotion rivals but the Canaries will not crack on the Championship run-in.

City resume their promotion quest at Middlesbrough on Saturday evening with a four-point lead to the chasing pack.

Farke’s squad have reached the summit on a brand of attacking football, and the head coach intends to keep the hammer down with the finishing line in sight.

“I am not concerned that we will crack under pressure,” he said. “No. We have a big spirit and a strong group. We know we are in a brilliant position. We mustn’t get too carried away or be too self-confident after a brilliant season.

“We must stay greedy and that is the message we are giving to the players.

“We are sitting top after 38 games, we can be proud of this, but the mood is not we have to defend our lead and pray we can add a point here or there. We must go into these last eight games looking to win the form table over the final eight matches.

“We won’t be looking to defend or protect, we will attack. That is our attitude.

“We have had time over the international break to reflect but it does not lead to a situation where we are scared.”

Farke highlights Norwich’s nerveless away win at title rivals Leeds as a signal his squad relish the pressure.

“We are totally prepared,” he said. “We have shown in the difficult moments we can keep our cool and we are mentally strong. If you look at the spotlight games, I remember the game at Elland Road. That was the game of the season and people were speaking how well they are doing and if they beat us they are almost promoted.

“In these circumstances we delivered one of our best performances.

“To take 28 points from the last 11 games is outstanding. To be mentally strong in this moment is crucial but there are other points. We have a top fitness level, we have a good playing philosophy, which the players buy in to, we have lots of energy and a good mix of experience and youth.”

Farke also has a message to City’s supporters on the run in.

“I think the fans are unbelievably excited. It is really a big surprise for us to be in this position, if you talk about our expectations before the season,” he said.

“This can be an extraordinary achievement but our fans will judge how good we have been this season.”

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