Credit to the teams that beat the weather

PUBLISHED: 17:30 25 March 2013 | UPDATED: 17:30 25 March 2013

Despite the wintry weather conditions, ten games still went ahead this weekend, and great credit must go to those clubs, players and officials, who made every effort to get their games played, it was a brilliant effort.

In some games, kick offs were delayed and the pitches were found to be perfectly playable, so the question has to be asked, could that have happened elsewhere?

The one game played in the Premier Division saw goals by Robert Eastaugh, Paul Timms, Ryan Lythgoe and Michael Timms give Dog House a 4-0 win over Hellesdon Athletic. This result moves Dog House up to fourth spot and had they made a better start to the season they could well have been challenging for the title.

In 1A, Dussindale rovers made it seven wins from eight games as they recorded a 2-0 (Duncan Whitlam, James Bulman) victory over Aslacton. Vale Longo also had a victory, 2-1 at home to Horsford United Sunday. Rob Holl scored both Longo goals in a game where Horsford deserved at least a point.

Two games beat the weather in 2A. Norman Wanderers Reserves “hole filling” efforts were rewarded with a 2-1 win over Deopham. The result puts them level on points at the top of the table with Mad Moose. Stoke FC and The Cottage shared the points and eight goals as they drew 4-4.

In 2B, Bell Inn were denied the point they required for the title in dramatic fashion as second placed Poringland Wanderers grabbed a last gasp winner deep into stoppage time. A Scott Casey drive had put the visitors ahead before Dale Simpson levelled for Bell, but with points set to be shared, Elliot Udell popped up to snatch the win. This was a vital win for Poringland and Bell Inn will be disappointed, but they know that the title is still well within their own hands. Credit also goes to those who spent two hours before the game making the pitch playable. Ribs Rovers leapfrogged Briston Wanderers into third spot after goals by Aaron Saddleton and Kirk Bardsley helped them to a 2-1 victory.

Schoolhouse are the new leaders of 3B after they won 4-2 (Chris Hall, Sam Applegate, Brendan Burke, Joe Marsden) at morning leaders William Wanderers, whilst Peter Taylor (2), Leo Dudley and Lee Cork all scored as Hainford Howitzers beat Chapelfield Rovers 4-3.

In 4B, Locksley Athletic received the Sporting Award for Feb before their game against Red Lion FC. After a goalless first period, the game sprang to life when Luke Perry fired home a screamer from fully 35 yards. Further goals followed for the home side via Ryan Higgins (2), and Jamie Livey as they ran out 4-0 winners in a sporting game, well refereed by Robert Whalen

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