Cup and league results

PUBLISHED: 13:37 12 October 2009 | UPDATED: 16:35 10 September 2010

Results from the Intermediate County Cup, the Junior County Cup and Division Two.

Intermediate County Cup

By Standers N/R Splinters

Globe Bowls Club 8, Hemsby 1

Bayers N/R Englands Hope

Bentinck Arms 3, Castlegate 0

Gorleston Albion N/R Retreat

PL Rangers 5, Docklands 0

Costessey Sports A/W Terrington

t Junior County Cup

White Bell N/R Norwich Airport

Weeting 2, Tilney 4

Splinters Res H/W Felmingham Athletic

Downham Old Boys N/R Winfarthing Fighting Cocks

t West Norfolk Scaffolding League Division Two

William Burt N/R Union Jack

Fowler 2, Terrington Res 6

Sutton Bridge Res 3, Hilgay 5

Fairstead Utd 3, Lynn Napier 1

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