Cup fixtures - Saturday 24 October

PUBLISHED: 08:00 23 October 2009 | UPDATED: 16:38 10 September 2010

Norfolk Primary, Senior and Junior Cup fixtures

Saturday 24th October

t Norfolk Primary Cup, 2nd Round, Kick Off 2pm:

Thetford Rvrs (res) v Dyers Arms (S Freemantle)

Norton Ath (res) v Gaywood (N Evans)

Alborough Lions FC v Hopton (K Greensides)

Terrington St Clement (res) v Lynn Discovery (R Howard)

MK United (res) v Snettisham Maroons (M Hubbard)

Castle Rising v Horsford Utd (A Goodbourne)

Bunwell v Watlington Sports & Social Club (C Harris)

UEA (a) v Wendling (S Ormes)

Tacolneston v Costessey Sports (S Mower)

Old Hunstanton v Hempnall (G Playford)

Splitz Utd v Burchwood (J Fogarty)

Flitcham & Hillington v Sedgford (C Weldon)

Stalham Twn (a) v Blakeney (R Green)

Wymondham Twn (a) v Drayton (R Brown)

Hunstanton v Great Yarmouth Town Hall (G Sayce)

Wooton Park Rgrs v Scarning (J Bolderstone)

Hethersett Athletic v Hellesdon Wanderers (G Pearce)

Sprowston Beehive v Ellingham (M Coulson)

South Yarmouth v Norwich Medics (N Farrow)

Ketts Tavern Toucans v Stoke Ferry (R Skeet)

Breckland Wdrs v Holt United (a) (J Nickerson)

Haisboro Ath v South Creake (P Newby)

West Lynn Riverside v Denver (F Lough)

Great Massingham v Lingwood Cavaners (S Boddy)

Bohemians v Discovery Royals (R Manship)

t Norfolk Junior Cup, 2nd Round Replay, Kick Off 1.45pm:

Spixworth Utd (res) v St Andrew's (I Selwood)

Sprowston Wdrs v Thetford Ath (P Venables)

t Sunday 25th October

t Sunday Senior Cup, 2nd Round Replay, Kick Off 10.30:

El Sol v Newton Golfers (T Webb)

t Norfolk Veterans Cup, 1st Round Replay, Kick Off 1.45pm:

Horsford Social Club v Norwich Trafford Veterans (G Gray)

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