Cup holders East Ruston secure place in final against Mundesley

PUBLISHED: 15:17 29 April 2013 | UPDATED: 15:17 29 April 2013

Two finals were concluded in the NPSS NEN League when in the Smallburgh Crown Division One League Cup current holders East Ruston secured a return trip to Greens Road North Walsham on May 17 following their home success over Runton.

Paul Winterbone gave the visitors a first half lead only for Lee Woodhouse to snatch a deserved equaliser to take the game into extra-time which saw no more goals and the home side got through on penalties. Ruston will meet Mundesley in the final who themselves travelled to Worstead and ran out 3-0 winners on target for them were Aaron Hyland (2) and Michael Harvey.

The Rivett Motors Division Two League Cup Final will be between Cromer Youth Old Boys who entertained Aldborough and, despite the scores being level at two apiece at the break, it was the Old Boys who advanced to the final adding five second half goals. There they will meet Plumstead Rangers on Monday May 6 at Rivers Park, Stalham, and Plumstead, who for their part made the final following a 7-2 win away at Cawston

The only league game to take place saw Haisboro Athletic move into second spot in the Slater & Frith Division One, it was also a personal triumph for their striker Thomas Crabb who netted six times, with further goals coming from James Underhill and Phil Ashling in their 8-3 away win at Aylsham ‘A’ .

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