Drayton Reserves 3, Wensum Albion 5

PUBLISHED: 13:03 16 April 2013 | UPDATED: 13:04 16 April 2013

Albion were looking for their third win on the trot against a Drayton side with aspirations of finishing in the top two in Division Two.

Albion matched the home side in the opening ten minutes and put together some solid attacking moves. The first real chance fell to Albion when Jenner was fouled by the Drayton keeper, the ref pointing to the spot. Cooper stepped up but saw his penalty saved.

Albion eventually took the lead after 20 minutes when Jenner finished an Avenal knock down. The lead lasted only 20 seconds when straight from kick off Drayton strung together a number of passes before equalising.

Albion went in to break 2-1 up when Jut Philo headed in at the back post after a cross from the right. Drayton were once again back on level terms early in the second half, a close range effort after Albion failed to clear the ball.

Albion showed character to press forward at every opportunity and Jenkins found himself on the scoresheet after dribbling past some Drayton defenders before poking the ball home at the near post.

It looked like game over when a Cooper free kick was nodded in by Philo for his second of the game to put the away side 4-2 up. However, Albion were made to sweat as Drayton pulled a goal back with ten minutes left to play.

With the game now stretched Drayton looked for the equaliser but in doing so left space at the back which was exploited when Jenkins curled a shot around the keeper to make the final score 5-3 to Albion.

A superb victory against a good side means Albion now go looking to finish the season on a high with a similar performance and result against UEA next week.

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