Gimingham hold off Gorleston’s North East Norfolk League title challenge

PUBLISHED: 17:53 08 May 2012

Most of the issues are now settled, Gimingham have retained their Slater & Frith Division One title holding off a strong challenge by Coltishall.

A midweek 4-1 away at third placed Runton almost sealed things and they completed the job at Lyng when recording a 7-2 success to give the villagers their fourth consecutive championship, an excellent achievement, Coltishall kept aspirations alive with a thumping double figure victory mid-week over East Ruston At the bottom Aldborough Lions are relegated and Worstead will join them unless they pull off a remarkable win over North Walsham ‘A’ which is not realistically possible. Of the other games in the division, East Ruston won by the odd goal of seven to Horning and Corpusty and Runton drew 3-3.

Mundesley are the Wayford Nurseries Division Two champions and by now either Holt ‘A’ or Aylsham ‘A’ will have joined them. Buxton Reserves scored a rare win over Hickling, 3-2, but this will not save them from relegation and they will be joined by Aldborough Lions Reserves who finished bottom of the pile and completed their fixtures with a 6-2 home defeat at the hands of Blakeney. Cawston finished off at home to Gimingham Reserves and won 6-3.

In the Walcott Lighthouse Division Three League Cup, Plumstead Rangers booked a place in the final which takes place on Wednesday, May 16 at Greens Road North Walsham, needing to overhaul the table leaders, Worstead Reserves. Rangers went into the game against Erpingham Reserves knowing they had to win by a margin of eight clear goals, they went one better and recorded a 9-0 success. In the final they will meet either Holt Colts or Coltishall Reserves.

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