Haisboro hit champions Gimingham for six

PUBLISHED: 17:25 14 January 2013 | UPDATED: 17:25 14 January 2013

Haisboro Athletic lie third and six points behind second-placed Gimingham with three games in hand after they staged a remarkable comeback at the reigning Slater & Frith Division One champions.

Haisboro fell two goals behind but hit back netting six times, thanks to a Tom Crabb hat-trick and one apiece from Will Shreeve, Ross Wacey and Will Pearce to really improve the chances of runners-up spot.

Leaders Runton scored a narrow 2-0 away win at Mundesley whilst North Walsham ‘A’ won 7-0 away at Worstead.

Aldborough clipped Wayford Nurseries Division Two leaders Cromer Youth Old Boys wings when they visited them and returned home 3-1 winners. Following their 4-2 away win at Hickling, Plumstead Rangers occupy second spot following their 4-2 away win at Hickling while Erpingham hit Blakeney 6-1 to keep themselves in the top three.

In the Knights Trophies Division Three there were wins for Aldborough Reserves 4-1 over Erpingham Reserves, Felmingham 4-3 away at Mundesley Reserves and Plumstead Reserves at home to East Ruston Reserves 4-1.

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