Histon's knockdown price for Bloomfield

PUBLISHED: 09:41 03 February 2006 | UPDATED: 09:11 14 September 2010

Nationwide South outfit Histon claimed last night they had snatched Danny Bloomfield for 'a knockdown price' after the striker completed his move from King's Lynn.

Nationwide South outfit Histon claimed last night they had snatched Danny Bloomfield for 'a knockdown price' after the striker completed his move from King's Lynn.

The 23-year-old successfully passed a medical and agreed personal terms after the clubs agreed an undisclosed fee for the striker on Wednesday.

Histon were widely reported to have launched a five-figure cash plus player raid for the predator last November, but Stutes boss Steve Fallon suggested last night Bloomfield had been signed for a fraction of that original asking price.

“In anyone's book to secure Danny is a result,” he told the club's official web site. “To get him for half what we offered in November is just very good business for our club. After the fiasco in November I don't think any of us thought Danny would be coming here until the summer and even then we would have to enter into a Dutch auction with other clubs, some Football League and some Nationwide National clubs. I think everyone associated with Histon is delighted to have Danny here.”

Stutes chairman Gareth Baldwin admitted he was surprised to learn King's Lynn were prepared to let Bloomfield leave The Walks during the season.

“We became aware that Danny might be available,” he said. “After the last experience none of us were certain it would happen, but Danny is now our player. The opportunity was there and we took it. I do not know the reasons behind King's Lynn selling Danny and it's none of my business, I am just very pleased with the deal.”

Bloomfield trained with his new team-mates last night and goes straight into the Histon squad for tomorrow's home game against Carshalton.

“I know a few of the lads at Histon and have heard for many months what a great club and how well run it is,” he said. “I know some people might find it surprising that I have left Lynn when they are still in a race for the title, but things going on meant that I felt it was best if I moved on.

“If you look at Histon's current position you would say that if we get on a decent run the play-offs is very realistic, I am here to do all I can to play a part in making that happen.”

Linnets chief Tommy Taylor insisted the club had been in a no-win situation with Bloomfield out of contract in the summer.

“I can understand the supporters' frustration,” he said. “I didn't want Danny to go, but that is the nature of the game. We certainly were not pushing him out. He was offered a new contract for next season that was still unsigned.

“Look at it from the club's perspective, they would be foolish to lose a player at the end of the season for nothing or a fraction of his cost at a tribunal. The board wouldn't be doing its job if they were to let that happen.”

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