Home tie for Wroxham in FA Cup

PUBLISHED: 13:24 15 September 2008 | UPDATED: 15:46 10 September 2010

Wroxham will host either Heybridge Swifts or Uxbridge in the Second Qualifying round of the FA Cup.

Ridgeons Premier champions Wroxham will host either Ryman Premier Heybridge Swifts or lowly Southern League Division One South and West Uxbridge in the Second Qualifying round of the FA Cup.

The tie will be played on September 27.

Heybridge Swifts face Uxbridge in a First Qualifying round replay on Tuesday, September 16 after the two teams drew 1-1 in the original fixture at the weekend.

Damian Hilton's men booked their place in the next round with a 4-3 stoppage time win at Grantham on Saturday.

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