It’s time for us to deliver - Woodrow

PUBLISHED: 07:45 10 May 2008 | UPDATED: 15:34 10 September 2010

Michael Bailey

Former Norwich City player Richard Woodrow knows the stakes are high as the Lowestoft Town players battle to win a starting place for tomorrow's FA Vase final at Wembley.

Former Norwich City player Richard Woodrow knows the stakes are high as the Lowestoft Town players battle to win a starting place at Wembley.

The 24-year-old was a regular for the Canaries' second string before being released in 2003 and after a short spell at King's Lynn, Woodrow signed for the Blues in June 2004.

"We're not so much nervous, I think that will kick in on Sunday. But we're very determined, very confident and we're just hoping to do the job now," said Woodrow, fresh from the week's activities which included a suit fitting in Norwich and being taken through the paces by Norwich City sports scientist Dave Carolan at the Championship side's Colney training ground.

Woodrow believes the Lowestoft players have been given all the support they could wish for ahead of the final - and now all they have to do is return the favour to the travelling Trawler Boys army.

"It's an unbelievable turnout from the town and we couldn't have asked for any more. They've supported us all the way through and now they've got their rewards, with us playing at Wembley.

"Everyone's talking about the game and everyone you speak to seems to be going, so we couldn't ask for anything more from the people. We've just got to deliver now."

But with a squad of 25 players, it does not take a genius to work out there will be some disappointed players once Town's management duo of Ady Gallagher and Micky Chapman announce their 11 starters and five substitutes.

"I wouldn't like to be Mick and Ady at this time. There is a full squad, a determined squad and anyone who will be dropped is going to be disappointed. But then it is down to the 16 who are picked to do something to prove they're worth it," said Woodrow.

"There are obviously going to be some disappointments but the players are strong enough to understand that it is a team game and they'll help everyone through it as much as they can and they'll still be with us all day.

"Understandably it will be disappointing for people if they are dropped, but that is football."

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