Jarrolds 4, Wensum Albion 1

PUBLISHED: 16:44 11 March 2011

Wensum Albion failed to build on a positive performance from last week's match against Dyers Arms

Wensum Albion failed to build on a positive performance from last week's match against Dyers Arms


Albion looked to build on a positive performance from last week’s match against Dyers Arms. From the off it was Albion who passed the ball around the pitch at ease with Jarrolds looking out of sorts and way off the pace.

Despite all of the possession the away side created few goalscoring opportunities, Mark Leeper threatening from set pieces and Gorbould making some half chances.

A goalline clearance from Jut Philo prevented one of Jarrolds few chances putting them ahead. However, completely against the run of play Jarrolds did take the lead when a clearance from Jarrett ricocheted off a Jarrolds player and looped in to the net.

Justifiably the lead didn’t last long when Gorbould took on a Jarrolds defender before firing home via the hand of a retreating home player.

The contest was far more even in the second half as Jarrolds played some better football.

Albion were 2-1 down on 70 minutes when a corner was headed in.

With players tiring Albion began to allow Jarrolds time on the ball and, as has been the case in many games this season, the good work of a solid first half performance undone itself when Jarrolds were allowed space on the left to score two more goals within minutes.

Pete Gorbould saw a one-on-one opportunity go begging at the end of the match looking to get Albion back in to the game.

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