‘I am sure the football club wouldn’t stand in his way if it is good for both parties’ - Culverhouse on Marriott

PUBLISHED: 20:15 12 January 2020 | UPDATED: 20:15 12 January 2020

Adam Marriott has been in excellent form for King's Lynn Town this season Picture: Ian Burt

Adam Marriott has been in excellent form for King's Lynn Town this season Picture: Ian Burt


Ian Culverhouse says he would be ‘gutted’ if star striker Adam Marriott left King’s Lynn Town - but wouldn’t stand in his way.

Marriott is one of the hottest properties in non league football after an incredible season which has seen him score 25 goals in 23 league appearances to help send Lynn top of the National League North.

His scoring record has inevitably fuelled speculation of a big-money move, with claims of interest from League Two Stevenage refusing to go away.

Culverhouse says there has been no official contact with Lynn - but says Marriott is good enough to play League football.

"Hopefully he will stay with us but it has to be the right thing for Mazza and the right thing for the football club," said the Linnets boss.

"I have always said it is all about giving them a platform to get back into the league and I am sure the football club wouldn't stand in his way if it is good for both parties.

"I'd be gutted - he's enjoying his football and the players enjoy having him around and he is a terrific player as well.

"I would be delighted for him because if he does move on and get back into the league then we have done our job and he has done his job."

Marriott was signed in October 2018 by Robbie Back and Neil Fryatt, who were in temporary charge prior to Culverhouse's return as manager a few weeks later. The 28-year-old, from Brandon, who began his career in the Norwich City academy, played League Two football with Stevenage and Culverhouse is convinced he can reach the level again.

"Yes, definitely," he said. "He is a very clever player, especially around the 18-yard box.

"His touch is good, his link-up play is very, very good and he brings other people into the game and he has been superb for us in the two years he has been here."

Culverhouse is preparing for Saturday's clash with second-placed York at The Walks with more injury concerns, but says his hopes of bringing in reinforcements have been frustrated by unrealistic financial demands.

"If either the club wants silly money or the player wants silly money then it is just not going to happen," he said. "We won't be held to ransom."

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