Heggs is backing Sheldon to top 30

PUBLISHED: 12:27 25 August 2009 | UPDATED: 16:27 10 September 2010

Paddy Davitt

King's Lynn boss Carl Heggs is challenging star striker Gareth Sheldon to fire his side to promotion ahead of tonight's home Unibond Premier Division home test against Worksop (7.

King's Lynn boss Carl Heggs is challenging star striker Gareth Sheldon to fire his side to promotion ahead of tonight's home Unibond Premier Division home test against Worksop (7.45pm).

Sheldon notched his second goal of the league season with the opener in Saturday's confidence-boosting 4-0 romp at Burscough.

The former Tamworth man plundered 23 goals last season to help Gary Mills' men clinch Conference Premier promotion.

Heggs is convinced he has the attacking weaponry to hurt any side in the division after Anthony Robinson notched two goals to cap a memorable debut outing at Victoria Park.

“He was everything you want him to be,” said Heggs. “Unfortunately he was suspended at the start of the season but he rang me last week and said he couldn't wait to play for me.

“After the game at Burscough the team spirit was great in the changing room and, you have to remember, apart from Robbo and Shelly every player on that pitch was under 25. Let's not beat about the bush, Shelly is a big lad, but he knows where the goal is and the rest of them are super fit. He scored a great free-kick at Burscough and hit the post with one at Matlock. If he stays injury-free I'll be disappointed if he doesn't go on and get 30 goals.”

Jordan Smith is suspended for the first of three games following his pre-season red at Brackley. New defender Jason Smedley will go straight into the squad with Lynn officials expected to complete his move from Hucknall yesterday.

Heggs and his chief scout ran the rule over Worksop in their 1-1 league draw against Buxton on Sunday. The Notts' outfit arrive at The Walks still seaching for their first win of the season.

“I wanted to be at the game with my scout so we have a head start,” said Heggs. “I just want us to go out and enjoy it. Losing Jordan is a blow but if we want to be successful we have to deal with that. I know we'll score goals but we needed to tighten up and that was very pleasing at Burscough. Myself and Andy (Johnson) worked extremely hard in training before then on our defensive shape. If you keep clean sheets you don't lose matches. To surrender three goals at Matlock killed me.”

Heggs' admits his side have set the standard after brushing aside Burscough, saying: “Their assistant manager came up to me and said we were outstanding.

“He reckoned it was the best Unibond team that had come to their place and he couldn't believe how we had lost two games. I know how. I'm a young manager who made mistakes. I should have looked at the situation defensively.

“That is the lift we needed but it's only one game. We won't get carried away.”

t King's Lynn (from): White, Magunda, Martin, Birley, Boyce, Murray, Smedley, Story, Lloyd, Webb, Sheldon, Robinson, Beswick, Green, Johnson, McAughtrie.

t Children aged 15 and under can watch tonight's game at The Walks for a £1 admission price when accompanied by a full paying adult.

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