Lynn boss urges players to forget defeats and start new unbeaten run

PUBLISHED: 14:41 22 September 2017 | UPDATED: 14:41 22 September 2017

Ian Culverhouse is demanding a return to winning ways for King's Lynn Town against leaders Tiverton. Picture: Matthew Usher

Ian Culverhouse is demanding a return to winning ways for King's Lynn Town against leaders Tiverton. Picture: Matthew Usher

Matthew Usher Photography

Ian Culverhouse has told his side to consign their last two games to the history books.

The Linnets followed an unbeaten stretch of seven league and cup games with two defeats, which has been them drop to fifth in the table and out of the FA Cup, having lost 3-1 at Nuneaton last weekend.

Today leaders Tiverton Town are at The Walks, and Culverhouse wants a quick turnaround in fortunes.

“The last two games have been nowhere near where we had been previously,” the Linnets boss said.

“We had given some good performances and put ourselves into a good place. However, at Royston and Nuneaton the level of play had dropped and we got what we deserved from both games.

“The players as a group have to take responsibility for that, which they have done, as have I.”

Culverhouse was particularly annoyed by the manner of the goals which went in.

“In both games the opposition have benefited richly from mistakes – all of our own doing I hasten to add – and we have been punished,” he told the club’s official web site.

“We have also conceded from set-plays, which to me is very disappointing, almost criminal you could say, and we have been chatting about it and working on it in training this week.

“I’m not going to dwell on the last two games, They have now gone, consigned to history. What is important to me is that we learn from these bad experiences and move on to the weekend with a positive frame of mind.”

Culverhouse added: “Tiverton have, like ourselves, made a good start to the season and will be arriving in a very strong and positive frame of mind.

“They have laid an early marker down to the rest of us and it’s down to us to burst their bubble and begin to build another unbeaten run. We are very confident in our own ability and it will be a big test for us, but one which we are looking forward to. Two defeats do not make you a bad side.

“We have barely been playing a month of the season and as far as I am aware no winners’ medals are handed out in September. We are still a work in progress with players learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I’m also still learning about some of my players and will continue to do so – you never know everything.”

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