MATCHDAY RECAP: Solihull Moors v King’s Lynn Town

PUBLISHED: 13:39 10 October 2020 | UPDATED: 17:15 10 October 2020

King's Lynn Town are at Solhull Moors Picture: Chris Lakey

King's Lynn Town are at Solhull Moors Picture: Chris Lakey


King’s Lynn Town were on the end of a thrashing in the Midlands.

Ian Culverhouse’s Linnets had started the new National League campaign well, with a draw and a midweek win.

But they were brought back down to earth with a bump at Solihull.

Lynn went behind after 39 minutes when Cameron Archer played the ball into Joe Sbarra in the area an the striker sidefooted into the corner.

It was little more than the hosts deserved - thy looked the most likely of the sides to score. Lynn were unable to trouble home keeper Ryan Boot until the closing minutes when Dayle Southwell was denied by the keeper’s legs and then Aaron Jones and Ross Barrows fired efforts narrowly wide.

The goal did appear to spur Lynn in attack but that was as good as it got as Solihull rattled in another four goals after the break.

Archer turned scorer just a couple of minutes after the interval with a free-header. Sub James Osborne chipped debutant Archie Mair on 67 minutes before Archer got his second, Callum Howe rounding off the rout with 10 minutes left,

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