Two players exit King’s Lynn Town

PUBLISHED: 20:26 14 May 2020 | UPDATED: 20:41 14 May 2020

Ryan Fryatt is to leave King's Lynn Town PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood

Ryan Fryatt is to leave King's Lynn Town PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood

Jamie Honeywood

King’s Lynn Town have released defenders Ryan Fryatt and Nathan Fox.

Nathan Fox is departing The Walks Picture: Ian BurtNathan Fox is departing The Walks Picture: Ian Burt

Fryatt missed a big chunk of the season through injury – and Lynn have plenty of candidates for the central defensive positions, with Chris Smith and Rory McAuley as well as Tom Ward. Ross Barrows played in the backline on numerous occasions earlier this season when manager Ian Culverhouse was short of options because of injury – and proved a revelation.

Fryatt, 26, signed a two-year deal with Lynn in May 2018, having played for Dereham Town.

Fox, 27, has had one season at The Walks, having moved from Hednesford Town with the unenviable task of taking over at left back from Frazer Blake-Tracey, who was sold to League One side Peterborough United.

His place was under threat after Lynn signed highly-rated 21-year-old Alex Brown from Buxton in March.

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