Mousehold Athletic Reserves 0, Wensum Albion 0

PUBLISHED: 16:14 14 March 2011

A real relegation six-pointer ended disappointingly for both teams in a stalemate.

Albion pushed forward from the off and forced a number of corners that were defended well.

Gorbould saw a number of half chances go begging before a Will Farrow run ended when he was taken down in the area.

Gorbould stepped up to take the resultant penalty but fired weakly at the Mousehold keeper.

At the other end Mousehold had very few opportunities to score, the Albion defence staying solid as a unit.

The second half saw little in the way of football with both teams defending well and cancelling each other in the middle of the park.

A Leeper free-kick and Martin volley were the closest Albion came to scoring but ultimately a lack of quality finishing meant Albion’s next few games are vital if they are to survive in Division Two.

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