Newsman Celtic 2, Mad Moose 7

PUBLISHED: 15:16 19 November 2012

It was the third round of the Norfolk Intermediate Cup, with confusion as to what Eaton Park pitch the game should be played, and the home team without a kit as kick off approached.

The cup tie looked unlikely to start on time, however the Newsman kit man arrived with a fresh Norwich City kit for the squad to allow the game to commence on time. There was a sense of camaraderie in the air, as it was an Eaton Park derby.

Newsman Celtic started the stronger of the two teams, making it look as though they were in the higher division of the two teams, yet were unable to stamp any sort of authority on the game early on.

It was however the Moose who got the opening goal against the run of play, after 20 minutes Pete Gorbould hit a low shot from just outside the area, beating the keeper to make it 1-0.

Within five minutes the Moose were 2-0 up as Bram Goodwin-Wright’s free kick was met at the far post by Darren Hills with a strong header past the Newsman goalkeeper.

Newsman did not let their heads drop, and with three minutes before half-time their midfielder hit a thunderous shot from outside of the box, rattling the underside of the cross bar and into the net to make it 2-1 and looking the better of the two teams and unlucky to go in at half-time one goal down.

The Moose came out in the second half after making three substitutions, fully utilising the rolling subs rule, and were clearly out to demonstrate their dominance over the Division 3A side.

The Moose looked to put the game to bed early, and that they did. Just five minutes into the half Ben Spraggon played a teasing ball for Ryan Newell to bundle into the net from close range.

The Moose then got another as Darren Hills hit a long range free kick over the keeper’s head to make it 4-1.

The goals came thick and fast in the second half, the Moose created a four-goal cushion when Bram Goodwin-Wright shot low to the keeper’s left and into the net.

Darren Hills then completed his hat-trick with 15 minutes to go to put the Moose 6-1 up.

With five minutes left, Newsman pulled another back, when Ben Spraggon was adjudged to have brought down the Newsman forward just inside the box. The subsequent penalty was smashed home with Moose keeper Matt Bevan unlucky not to save after getting a hand to it.

The goal of the game came in the dying moments, when Bram Goodwin-Wright and Darren Hills tore the Newsman defence apart. A counter attacking move, resulting in a powerful shot from Bram Goodwin-Wright to seal the victory and take the Moose through to the last 16 of the Norfolk Intermediate Cup.

A well contested game early on played in good sprits from both teams.

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