Nicholsons of Stalham (NEN) results

PUBLISHED: 11:14 01 September 2008 | UPDATED: 15:44 10 September 2010

League results from the weekend.

Nicholsons of Stalham (NEN) League

t Slater & Firth Division One: Coltishall 4, Corpusty 2; East Ruston 0, Gimingham 3; Erpingham 2, Nth Walsham Old Boys 3; Happisburgh 4, Nth Walsham A 3; Horning 3, Hickling 2; Lyng 4, Mundesley 4.

t Wayford Nurseries Division Two: Buxton Res 6, Aylsham A 13; Corpusty Res 0, Stalham A 2; Dilham 6, Felmingham 1; North Walsham OB Res 4, Briston 5; Runton 0, Bodham 7.

t Knights Trophies Division Three: Gimingham Res 1, Cawston 3; Holt Colts 1, Aldborough Lions Res 2; Mundesley Res 1, Cromer Youth OB 4.

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