Norfolk Primary Cup: Wensum Albion 1, Cockers United 3

PUBLISHED: 17:22 25 September 2012

A break from the league saw Albion host Dereham-based Cockers United in the first round of the Norfolk Primary Cup.

Albion looked on top from the whistle, Jenner and Cooper making good progress on the wings. An early chance fell to Martin who fired straight at the Cockers keeper from close range, and minutes later Taylor fired wide when well placed.

Against the run of play Cockers took the lead when their centre half moved up the pitch unchallenged, his wayward shot taking a ricochet off defender Philo and ending up in the net. Albion created chance after chance looking to get back on level terms with Seaman, Jenner, Martin and Gorbould failing to find the net.

The second half began very much the same as the first ended, Jake Jenner finding space in the area from the kick off but unable to get the ball down for a clean shot.

Albion were shocked to find themselves 2-0 down when the Cockers forward was through one on one after a wayward Albion pass and doubled their lead.

Again Albion created good chances, Farrows left foot shot crept over, Gorbould also flicking the ball over the bar in the area and Rochford unlucky with a close range header.

Albion eventually found the net when a Cooper corner found the left foot of Martin whose volley nestled inside of the post.

Rather than going on to win the game Albion were 3-1 down when a Cockers midfielder hit the post with an effort from the edge of the box, and the rebound fell straight to their winger who was the quickest to react and side footed the ball home.

Taking 30 shots and scoring only one goal Albion will kick themselves having lost a game they should have won comfortably, but credit to the opposition for some resilient defending and putting their limited number of chances away.

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