Norfolk Veterans Cup first round draw

PUBLISHED: 15:42 23 August 2011

Matches to be played on Sunday 23 October (kick off 1.45pm)

Thetford Sports & Social Club v Watton United

Rocklands Veterans v Scole United

Griffin (The) v Nalgo Old Boys

Horsford Social Club v Costessey Sports

Cringleford Veterans v Norwich Trafford

Taverham v St Faith’s - Away Win Walkover

Sprowston Wanderers v Loddon King’s Head

Great Yarmouth Postals v Aylsham Black Boys Veterans

Gayton United v Kings Arms Crusaders Veterans

CNSOBU v Costessey Harte Veterans

Cromer Crab Veterans v Bayer Eagles Veterans

Caister v Sole & Heel

Unthank Arms (The) v Wymondham College Veterans

Swaffham Town v Norton Athletic

Hellesdon Veterans v Wymondham College Roseberrians

Byes to Second Round: Poringland Wanderers

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