Norwich United 2 Waltham Abbey 0: First home win of the season for Planters

PUBLISHED: 14:35 15 October 2017

Adam Hipperson was on target in Norwich United's win over Waltham Abbey. Picture: Archant

Adam Hipperson was on target in Norwich United's win over Waltham Abbey. Picture: Archant

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Goals from Hafeez Sanusi and Adam Hipperson saw Norwich United lift themselves off the bottom of the table with a convincing victory over Waltham Abbey.

The Planters opened the scoring in the 25th minute after Adam Hipperson’s run was blocked, Sanusi picked up the loose ball and skipped past three challenges before stroking past Lewis Lockyer and inside the far post.

Lockyer then did well to tip a rasping drive from Nathan Stewart onto the bar to keep Abbey in the game at half-time.

Three minutes after the break Stewart squared from the right and Adam Hipperson hit home from close range.

The visitors never really threatened although Andy Wilton saved well from Aron Gordon and the game was effectively over seven minutes from time when Spencer Harrison received a second yellow as the Planters finally recorded their first home win of the season.

Planters: Wilton, Mackie, Brown, Wones, Eastaugh, Watts, Henery (Jackson 77), Pollock, Hipperson (Lapite 67), Stewart (Datocampol 86), Sanusi.

Waltham Abbey: Lockyer, Glasgow (Martin 78), Joynes, Benoit, Harrison, Daveney, Gordon, Holland (Spencer 67), Russell, Ngandu (Brampton 74), Rimmell.

Referee: Andrew Gray. Assistants: Thomas Harvey & Eddie Read.

Attendance: 88.

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