Norwich United draft in youngster for Cup tie

PUBLISHED: 08:28 19 August 2017

Tim Henery misses Norwich United's FA Cup tie. Picture: Denise Bradley

Tim Henery misses Norwich United's FA Cup tie. Picture: Denise Bradley


Norwich United travel to Essex Senior League side Clapton in the preliminary round of the FA Cup this afternoon on the back of two defeats.

The Planters went down 4-1 at Soham Town Rangers in midweek and manager Steve Eastaugh has been quick to bring Marley Flute into his travelling squad.

Flute, an 18-year-old full-back is part of the Norwich City Academy shadow squad.

This will be the first ever meeting between the two sides and the Tons, who last season finished runners-up to Barking in the Essex League, have started their league season with one win, one draw and one defeat as well as recording a 1-0 win at FC Clacton in the previous round of the world’s oldest football competition.

The Planters are without Tim Henery, Nathan Stewart and Ben Lewis who are all unavailable and efforts to add to the squad were thwarted at the 11th hour as the Planters aim to beat last year’s first time exit from the competition.

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