Player speaks out over the growing discontent within Fakenham Town

Fakenham Town first team players have said 'enough is enough'. Picture: Archant

Fakenham Town first team players have said 'enough is enough'. Picture: Archant

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Fakenham Town are a club in turmoil after a player mutiny forced the 11th hour postponement of their home match with Great Yarmouth.

Seven first teamers turned up, with enough reserve players swelling the numbers to ensure they could field a team – but they stayed in the dressing room, refusing to play because the club could not provide answers to growing disenchantment with the way the club was being run.

Bottom of the table with just four points from 11 fixtures, Fakenham recently parted company with manager Robbie Harris while chairman Andrew Jarvis also stood down. The players clearly want to see the return of former manager Wayne Anderson, but while he was willing, that has been blocked, creating the impasse on Tuesday.

One player, who asked not to be named, said the discontent started when Anderson was sacked just before last season’s Norfolk Senior Cup final, and was exacerbated by growing division between first team and reserve team set-ups.

“What happened last night was we asked why they didn’t want Wayne Anderson back at the club and they could not tell us,” he said.

“They just for some reason have a personal thing against Wayne that they didn’t want him back at the club and we said, well, unfortunately, if you are going to have secret meetings behind his back and disrespect him again, then we have had enough. Enough is enough. I am sorry, we have our principles and sometimes you have to stick by them. I do feel sorry for Yarmouth. If I was in that situation I would feel aggrieved myself and, from footballer to footballer, I am sorry, but enough is enough.

“The club knew all the lads weren’t going to turn up – they could have called it off earlier in the day.”

Yarmouth had turned up in good time at Clipbush Park, but after going through their usual warm-ups were told the game would not take place. Joint manager Adam Mason tweeted: “17 players, physio, coaching staff, committee members and 26 supporters let down ... very poor, in fact a disgrace!”

Fakenham have a home clash with Anglian Combination Yelverton in the Norfolk Senior Cup on Saturday, but it is unlikely any first team players will appear.

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