Ridgeons League results and fixtures

PUBLISHED: 10:00 25 August 2008 | UPDATED: 15:43 10 September 2010

Results from 23 August and fixtures for the coming week.


t Premier Division:

Ely City 2, Woodbridge Town 0; Harwich and Parkeston 3, Mildenhall Town 0; King's Lynn Reserves 1, Felixstowe and Walton United 2; Kirkley and Pakefield 6, Haverhill Rovers 0; Stanway Rovers 2, Histon Reserves 1; Tiptree United 2, Norwich United 2; Walsham-le-Willows 0, Lowestoft Town 0; Whitton United 0, Dereham Town 4; Wisbech Town 1, Needham Market 3; Wivenhoe Town 5, CRC 0; Wroxham 1, Leiston 3.

t First Division:

Brantham Athletic 0, Newmarket Town 4; Diss Town 1, March Town United 1; Fakenham Town 0, Cornard United 2; Gorleston 3, Downham Town 1; Hadleigh United 3, Thetford Town 1; Halstead Town 3, Swaffham Town 1; Ipswich Wanderers 0, Great Yarmouth Town 4; Long Melford 4, FC Clacton 2; Saffron Walden Town 1, Debenham LC 3; Stowmarket Town 1, Godmanchester Rovers 2.


t Monday, August 25

First Division: Long Melford v Halstead Town.

t Tuesday, August 16

Premier Division: Dereham Town v Ely City, Felixstowe and Walton United v Woodbridge Town, Haverhill Rovers v Harwich and Parkeston, Mildenhall Town v Tiptree United, Needham Market v Lowestoft Town, Whitton United v Leiston, Wroxham v Walsham-le-Willows.

First Division: Cornard United v Stowmarket Town, Debenham LC v Diss Town, Fakenham Town v March Town United, FC Clacton v Ipswich Wanderers, Newmarket Town v Downham Town, Thetford Town v Great Yarmouth Town.

t Wednesday, August 27

Premier Division: King's Lynn Reserves v Histon Reserves.

First Division: Brantham Athletic v Hadleigh United.

t Saturday, August 30

Premier Division: CRC v Histon Reserves, Ely City v Wivenhoe Town, King's Lynn Reserves v Harwich and Parkeston, Norwich United v Felixstowe and Walton United.

First Division: Debenham LC v Long Melford, Diss Town v Downham Town, Gorleston v Godmanchester Rovers, Newmarket Town v Thetford Town, Swaffham Town v Brantham Athletic.

FA Cup Preliminary Round: AFC Sudbury v Lowestoft Town, Bedfont v Tiptree United, Dereham Town v Stamford, Fakenham Town v boston Town, FC Clacton v Stansted, Grantham Town v Woodbridge Town, Great Yarmouth Town v Wroxham, Halstead Town v Stotfold, Harefield United v Saffron Walden Town, Ipswich Wanderers v Cornard United, leiston v March Town United (being played at March Town), Soham Town Rangers v Needham Market, Walsham le Willows v Sleaford Town, Wisbech Town v Mildenhall Town.

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