Runaway leaders Runton lose 100pc record

PUBLISHED: 14:26 23 April 2013 | UPDATED: 14:26 23 April 2013

Haisboro Athletic, thanks to a Tom Crabb hat-trick, became the first side this season to take any points off runaway Slater & Frith Division One leaders Runton.

The visitors held their table-topping hosts to a 3-3 draw and this result, coupled with second placed Gimingham’s 4-2 away defeat at Ludham, advanced Haisboro’s chances of finishing runners up greatly. Corpusty picked up a welcome home win by a 2-1 margin over East Ruston. Mundesley recorded a 2-0 home success over Horning whilst Aylsham ‘A’ were 2-1 away winners at Worstead.

Cromer Youth Old Boys were crowned Wayford Nurseries Division Two champions following their 3-1 away win at Aldborough Lions and congratulations to all concerned. Cawston and Hickling drew one apiece.

In the Knights Trophies Division Three Trunch completed their league programme in style when at East Ruston Reserves they ran out 9-1 victors.

Results in the Walcott Lighthouse Inns Division Three League Cup saw Erpingham Reserves record a 9-1 home win over Aldborough Reserves, Felmingham were 7-4 victors at Holt Colts and Worstead Reserves lost 2-0 at home to Plumstead Reserves.

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