Runton move to top of North East Norfolk League

PUBLISHED: 14:45 15 November 2012

The NPSS Security Services NEN League suffered again from the weather with matches being called off but there was no such problems at Woodhill where Runton moved to the top of the Slater & Frith Division One following a 2-0 win over East Ruston.

Haisboro Athletic scored a 3-1 success at home to Mundesley whilst Ludham hit five, also at home, to Horning who replied once.

There are new leaders of the Wayford Nurseries Division Two when the two top teams, Erpingham and Plumstead Rangers, met at the former’s ground. Morning leaders Plumstead opened up a two goal lead but the home side hit back in style with goals from James McMillan, Richard Myhill and Andy Muffet to secure a win and top spot. Blakeney proved too strong for visitors Aldborough Lions recording a 5-2 win, Hickling won by the odd goal of five away at Corpusty Reserves whilst goals were in abundance at Gimingham Reserves when visitors Cromer Youth Old Boys returned home 6-3 victors.

With the leaders of the Knights Trophies Division Three idle those chasing them all won, second place Southrepps were 4-2 winners at Mundesley Reserves, Plumstead Reserves had a 5-1 home win over Worstead Reserves whilst Felmingham were 6-2 winners at Aldborough Reserves.

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