Taverham 3, Wensum Albion 1

PUBLISHED: 16:12 18 September 2012

An early season top of the table clash saw Taverham in second host Albion who sat third, both sides taking six points from a possible nine.

Albion started brightly and attacked with purpose but Taverham were soon back in the game and opened the scoring on 20 minutes when a corner was headed home from close range. Albion created chances of their own, Chard firing over from 12 yards and Rochford seeing a goalbound effort well saved by the Taverham keeper.

Albion keeper Cooper made an excellent save down low but could do nothing as Albion conceded a second goal as the half drew to a close. A long ball found the Taverham forward who scored from inside the area, Wensum players incensed as their appeals for handball were waved away by the poorly positioned referee. The second half saw veteran Tom Coulby take up the left back role and Albion pushed forward looking to get back in the game. Taverham took a 3-0 lead midway through the half, yet another corner headed home from close range.

Pete Gorbould scored a consolation for Albion, rounding the keeper and side footing into the net after a Jenner through ball. A frustrating game for Albion who knew they were not at their best.

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