Taylor's sights on another milestone

PUBLISHED: 10:59 13 April 2006 | UPDATED: 09:21 14 September 2010


Robert Taylor is relishing the prospect of adding another chapter to the Dereham Town Football Club success story.

Robert Taylor is relishing the prospect of adding another chapter to the Dereham Town Football Club success story.

As well as booking a place in the Norfolk Senior Cup final, against Norwich United next Wednesday (7.15pm) at Carrow Road, they are on course to improve on last season's 15th place finish in the Ridgeons League Premier Division.

“That would be a big boost for everyone at the club,” said the former Manchester City and Wolves striker, who took the helm at Aldiss Park after a short spell in charge of King's Lynn.

It would also be another memorable milestone for the Magpies, who were promoted to the top flight four years ago. That was five years after the first full season at their new ground saw them join the Eastern Counties League as Anglian Combination champions.

Taylor is determined to ensure the evolution continues. “What has been going on this season has been good, we've moved forward a little and now we want to continue moving forward,” said Taylor, whose side underscored their progress on Tuesday, when they drew 2-2 with champions AFC Sudbury at the King's Marsh Stadium.

“Assistant manager Steve Culyer and I took until just before Christmas to find the players to bring in to suit the system we wanted to play.

“Now we have the formation and the team we wanted. We have a young side who are learning every week and we're getting better and better.

“If we can establish ourselves where we are in the table, and maybe even push up a bit further, then, with the Carrow Road appearance as well, it will have been a good season for us.

“All the players have enjoyed it and I can now start concentrating on plans for next season, because they're already starting to come to me and say they want to stay.

“I want to keep the lads we've got because we're getting better as a side, and it would be a shame if they did go elsewhere and left it all behind.”

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