Three NEN League teams progress in Norfolk Primary Cup

PUBLISHED: 18:27 25 September 2012

Aldborough Lions, Cawston and Holt ‘A’ fly the flag for the NPSS Security Services NEN League in the Norfolk Primary Cup.

The Lions at home to Saham Toney Reserves were 3-1 winners, Cawston travelled to Watlington Sports & Social Club and returned home odd goal winners of nine whilst Holt ‘A’ romped to an 8-1 victory at Dereham Cockers. Hickling almost achieved a replay before going down 8-7 AET at Blofield ‘A’ and the only other team to go close was Corpusty Reserves losing 1-0 at home to Colkirk.

In the Slater & Frith Division One Runton took over top following a double figure walloping of Horning, scoring ten times without reply. Morning leaders Worstead lost 4-0 away at East Ruston, Gimingham hit Corpusty for six at home with their visitors replying once. Aylsham ‘A’ and Mundesley shared the spoils in a one all draw and North Walsham ‘A’ were 4-2 away winners at Ludham.

In the Knights Trophies Division Three Holt Colts scored a 9-0 home win over the young Lions whilst Plumstead Reserves suffered a 6-2 home defeat at the hands of Mundesley Reserves.

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