Wensum Albion 0, Circle Anglia 4

PUBLISHED: 12:21 29 January 2012

After a shock win against the UEA last week Albion looked to take that form into another tough game against title contenders Circle Anglia.

Both teams cancelled each other out in the opening minutes, neither able to carve out any decent chances.

The away side did take the lead when a curling cross from the right floated into the Albion net. Albion had an opportunity to equalise soon after when Sam Littleboy shot from close range only to see his effort well saved by the Circle Anglia keeper.

Still in the game Albion pushed on in the second half but were caught off guard with two Circle Anglia efforts, the first slipping through Chard’s gloves and the second lobbed over the keeper in to the Albion goal.

Despite matching the away side all over the park Albion struggled to create chances.

A fourth goal was scored on 75 minutes to flatter the result in a game that on another day could well have earned Albion a point.

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