Wensum Albion 1, Newton Flotman Reserves 0

PUBLISHED: 16:33 08 December 2011

In yet another must win game Albion welcomed Newton Flotman Reserves to Thorpe High School.

The away side applied the pressure from kick-off seeing more of the ball but failing to test Chard in the Albion goal.

Gorbould saw a half-chance go begging for the hosts as Albion struggled to cause problems going forward. Despite this, the team battled and defended superbly well, limiting Newton Flotman to half chances.

The second half saw the game open up with both sides looking to break the deadlock.

The only goal of the game came when a great cross from Taylor was headed home by Avenell from close range.

Albion again had to defend effectively to snuff out the away sides attacks.

Jenner saw an opportunity go wide for Albion late on with the keeper struggling to cover his goalmouth. Newton Flotman enjoyed most of the possession but solid defending allowed Albion to keep only their second clean sheet of the season.

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