Acle Ladies win Challenge Cup

PUBLISHED: 16:58 16 May 2012 | UPDATED: 23:15 16 May 2012

Acle, winners of the Bungay Ladies Challenge Cup.

Acle, winners of the Bungay Ladies Challenge Cup.


Acle Ladies won the Bungay Challenge Cup by beating Norwich City Ladies Reserves.

The Bungay Town Ladies Challenge Cup is a new floodlit charity cup, played for the first time this year in a innovative playing format of 2 rounds with 3 teams per night playing 40-minute games.

The opinion was that this made for a more exciting evening of games.

The results were Bacton Ladies 0, Bungay Town 1; Bacton Ladies 0, Acle United 4; Bungay Town 1, Acle United 2; Taverham 0, Norwich City Res 4; Taverham 1, Lowestoft Town 6; Norwich City Res 1, Lowestoft Town 0.

So the full 90-minute final was played between Acle United, the winners of the Norfolk League this year, and Norwich City Reserves, runners-up in Eastern Region Division One North.

In a very close game in which both teams had chances to score and put in great effort on a heavy pitch, it looked like extra time was going to be needed but Acle United came through to score the only goal late on to take home the Bungay Ladies Challenge Cup.

Credit was given to referee Ian Selwood for his excellent work over the three evenings.

Bungay Ladies hope to run this competition again next season.

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