Another close game for Bungay

PUBLISHED: 17:09 09 January 2012

Bungay Town FC

Bungay Town FC


Bungay Town Ladies once again lost by a single goal margin.

This time it was 2-1 to a Cambridge Womens team whose phyisical game proved just to strong for the young Bungay team.

In a game of few clear chances Cambridge scored early when yet again Bungay failed to clear a set piece at the first attempt and left a Cambridge player to score from close range, when Bungay did build attacks they found the Cambridge keeper in good form as she saved well from Imogen Williams and Emily Leach.

In the second half with again Bungay having the bulk of the play they soon went close as for once Michelle Stanborough got clear of her marker to shoot against the crossbar and from the following play Emily Leach shot home accross the keeper and in off the far post.

But as usual with the Bungay Ladies with players pushing forward to try to win the game a quick break from Cambridge found its way through for them to score, so disapointment again for the ladies as they lost in a good game which they more than deserved something from.

POM: Annie Piper.

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