Another odd-goal defeat for Bungay

PUBLISHED: 11:01 23 January 2012

Bungay Town Ladies lost yet again to the odd goal this time 4-3 to a surprisingly strong Taverham side who belied their lowly position in the league.

In a game that was spoilt by the near gale-force wind which upset the normal Bungay game they did however take an early lead as Imogen Williams turned well to steer home Becs Goffins’ pass.

Taverham scored a scrambled goal as a wind-assisted corner was cleared onto a post by Becs Goffin only for a Taverham player to head in the rebound, Bungay regained the lead as for once it was them who scored from a corner as Imogen Williams headed home over the keeper, but the lead did not last for long as Taverham equalised with the last kick of the half as their speedy forward raced clear to steer the ball home off the far post.

At the restart Taverham went close as a lobbed shot came back off a Bungay post and they soon took the lead as hesitation allowed a forward to nip in and round keeper Remy Dowe,

Bungay kept fighting back and brought the game level again as Imogen Williams completed her hat-trick as her first shot was charged down she quickly recovered to drive in the rebound, but being Bungay the self-destruct button was always nearby and again they allowed a Taverham forward to run through to again beat Remy to the ball to score,

As much as Bungay pressed they could not find a way through again.

Player of match: Emily Robbins.

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