Belles and Bohs battle to no avail

PUBLISHED: 08:39 15 January 2013 | UPDATED: 09:00 15 January 2013

Player of the match: Naomi 'Nims' Nixon.

Player of the match: Naomi 'Nims' Nixon.


Hellesdon Belles 0, Bohemians 0

With several players missing due to work commitments and injuries, the Belles had to reshuffle the pack and a big thank you to Cath for coming back from Bedford to play.

Belles welcomed back Nims, and Bex was playing her first match of the season.

In an even game against a much-improved Bohemians side the Belles tried hard, but it never quite happened on the day.

Janet made a couple of excellent saves and Nims forced their keeper into a good save.

But, in the end, a draw seemed a fair result.

Player of the match: Naomi Nixon (Nims).

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