Belles battle to draw with leaders

PUBLISHED: 14:11 09 January 2013


Hellesdon Belles 1, Costessey 1

The Belles entertained league leaders Costessey on a foggy lunchtime and another great match ensued.

Costessey flew at the Belles but defenders Bel, Viv and Rae, and Cath in goal, kept them out in an even first half.

But Costessey eventually took the leader with a wonder goal from distance that flew into the top corner.

Cath went up front in the second half and scored a great equaliser as the Belles caused all sorts of problems for the opposition.

Both teams, to their credit, went for the win and it was end-to-end stuff.

Keri and Heather ran their socks off, as did Jessica and Babs, with Bel and Rae defending bravely.

Player of the match: Belinda Downing.

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