Belles battle to victory

PUBLISHED: 09:46 12 December 2011

Cath Heslin, scored twice for Belles.

Cath Heslin, scored twice for Belles.


The Belles entertained Norwich Baptist Church on a bitterly cold, wet afternoon.

The Belles played a 2-2-2 formation due to players available.

Norwich took the lead early on before Heather Heslin equalised, but Norwich added their second just before half time.

In a much-improved second-half performance, with the biting wind on their backs, the Belles dominated.

Bex Cook and Cath Heslin both came close, denied by Norwich’s keeper, before Cath got a deserved equaliser.

It was end-to-end stuff with Rae, Bel, Viv and JB defending bravely but it took a superb goal-line clearance from Keri Boorman to keep the scores level.

Late on, a penalty was awarded for hand-ball, which Cath converted for a 3-2 win to Belles.

Player of the match: Rae Durrant.

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