Belles draw with leaders Costessey

PUBLISHED: 14:32 23 January 2012

Costessey Ladies 1, Hellesdon Belles 1

Helesdon Belles were at league leaders Costessey in difficult windy conditions. In an even first half Costessey had more chances but some excellent defending and goalkeeping kept it 0-0.

The Belles reshuffled at half-time - with JB going in goal and Cath going up front with Oli - and went for the win.

The Belles were playing really well but Costessey broke away and were denied by a superb save from JB. From the corner Costessey fizzed it in and a deflection off Kim somehow found the back of the net.

The Belles came straight back with Keri’s free kick parried and Oli slotted home. That’s how it finished with Cath winning Player of the Match in an excellent team effort.

A special mention to Bel who was outstanding again.

Coach Bob deserves praise too for taking the initiative after the break with the brave move of attacking subs.

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